Services We Offer

♦ BMS system
♦ Audio Visual system
♦ Ventilation Systems
♦ Public Address system
♦ Plumbing and Drainage
♦ Queue Management systems
♦ Energy Monitoring systmes
♦ Structured cabling system
♦ Remote GSM Monitoring systems.
♦ CCTV and Access Control systems
♦ Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting Systems
♦ HVAC – Chiller/ Package/ Stand alone systems
♦ LV 1st Grade Electrical Works (Unlimited capacity)
♦ High Voltage Electrical Works – Substations, Transformers, Panels, Switchgears etc

Approvals and Certificates

♦ Kahramaa Approved High Voltage Contractor (Grade A)
♦ Grade 1 (Unlimited capacity) Electrical Contractor
♦ Q-Tel Approved contractor for Structured cabling
♦ Kahramaa Approved Switchgear manufacturers (Q-Tec Switchgear)
♦ ISO 9001
♦ ISO 14001
♦ OSHAS 18001
♦ SSD (MOI) approval for CCTV/ Security installation
♦ Qatar Civil Defense approval for Fire Alarm/ Fire Figthing System
♦ Ashgal Approval for Street Lighting.

Quality Assuarance & Quality Certificate

Q-TEC Quality Management system has been developed in line with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, ISO: 9004:2018 Quality Management System -Guidelines for performance improvements, ISO 10005:2018 Quality Management- Guidelines for quality plans. We constantly develop, implement and maintain quality Management system to meet various norms and standards. We QTEC undertake to complete the works we contract to the highest standards of quality, in full compliance with the applicable statutory regulatory rules and client requirements.

Management review is conducted every 3 months to review suitability and effectiveness of the Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015). The potential deficiencies noted are reviewed and suitable corrective/preventive actions are initiated.

Q-TEC maintain QA/QC procedures for implementations on various projects that specify a contractual obligation to monitor and assure the production quality. This will involve the creation of a QA/QC plan, the management of a QA/QC team, and the implementation and execution of the plan.

Finally, all activities associated with the provision of services supplied to our customers shall be governed by our quality management system that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.


Health Safety Environment

Q-TEC is a ISO certified company and ensures approach to comply with the requirements of local laws and regulations including ISO:45001:2018 for HEALTH & SAFETY and ISO:14001:2015 FOR ENVIRONMENT . We recognizes and accepts our duties as an employer to ensure it is reasonably practicable the health, safety , environment and welfare at work of all our employees. We recognize that the creation of a workplace culture in which we are all committed to ensuring that everyone goes home at the end of the day just as healthy as when they arrived is critical to our success. Its how we plan, manage, conduct and supervise all our work in compliance with legislation. We will ensure that all reasonably practicable efforts are made to safeguards its visitors, contractors and members of the public may be affected by the activities. We are committed our-self to our projects in an environmentally responsible manner and to plan and implement the activities n a sustainable approach to ensure impact to the environment are avoided.


Welcome To Q-TEC Facilities Management

Q-Tec FM is an Innovative Facility Management Company focused on utility Maximization through optimum utilization of resources. The significant and valuable solutions provided by Q-Tec FM, enable the Clients to reduce operating expenses without compromising on quality. These solutions are unique combination of services in the areas of Administration, Housekeeping, Engineering, Renovation and Up-gradation of Infrastructure, Warranty management etc. Q-Tec FM are a group of innovative and talented professionals who provide high quality Facility Maintenance and Management services to support any operations. Q-Tec FM are well equipped to quickly and accurately address the needs of Clients across the industry. Q-Tec FM strives to cooperate fully with its clients to provide functional and efficient facility. This has created a need for specialized engineering services for operations and maintenance. Specialized engineering services bring together multiple disciplines to ensure a smooth end efficient functioning of the built environment. The efficiency in operations is achieved by combining of skilled resources and system technology of the service provider.

Ongoing Projects

Completed Projects